Feb 2016 Update: Following our Dec 2015 relocation to Leicester we are no long accredited with the Soil Association. But it is our intention to have our accreditation reinstated soon.

About the Social Association

The Soil Association is the UK’s leading campaigning and certification organisation for organic – providing certification to all sectors of the market including food, farms, textiles, health and beauty care, restaurants and even timber. Founded in 1946 their mission has always been to promote organic agriculture as a sustainable alternative to intensive farming methods, campaigning for safer, healthier produce and production methods.

The standards state that organic health and beauty products should be fit for their purpose, have as high as possible proportion of organic ingredients and should not be harmful to human health and the environment in manufacture and in use. Furthermore, they require products to be comprehensively labelled to give clear and accurate information so that consumers can make an informed choice about what they are buying.

In addition, Soil Association certification means that our products are:

Not tested on animals and do not contain ingredients of animal origin

Parabens free

GMO free

Do not contain SLS or SLES

Free from petro-chemicals

For further information visit www.soilassociation.org