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Milk Delivery Request

Raw Milk
Production of Raw Milk is presently live.

Pasteurised Milk
Production of pasteurised milk is presently paused. Resumption is expected during the summer 2017 ... please use the form below to tell us about your requirements.

Member Priority
Milk and other Ahimsa products, such as cheese, yoghurt, ghee etc. are often available only in limited supply. Whenever this is the case we are naturally inclined to offer priority to our members, even so unfortunately we cannot guarantee ready supply. Membership starts at £9.00/month (details here).

For Your Information: Milk Prices and Delivery Charges (correct as of July 2017)

Delivery Doorstep delivery (North London within M25 only)
Manor drop-point (WD25 8EZ *)
Mailorder (choose if outside North London / M25)
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Raw/Pasteurised pasteurised milk raw milk
If you are interested in pasteurised milk, please indicate which type whole milk semi skimmed skimmed
Future Ahimsa Dairy Products - once available, please tell which of the following dairy products might you be interested in. Paneer Ghee Butter Yoghurt Cream
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* Bhaktivedanta Manor Dharam Marg, Hilfield lane Aldenham Near Watford Herts WD25 8EZ