Rosie Sept 2014

The Ahimsa slaughter-free dairy has been looking for a permanent home for its cows.  We are appealing for funds to buy suitable land where all of our cows can be together, where we can process our milk, make cheese and build a visitor centre. We have identified some organic land in Rutland, 72 acres in size and a river running through it. Negotiations are at an early stage.

At present our retired cows and young oxen are living on land we rent for a peppercorn rent in Groby, Leicestershire. The area is beautiful, but is a public thoroughfare, which has resulted in issues with litter, joy riders and several break-ins.  Also, we do not have long term tenure on the land, which was our initial expectation. To site our mobile dairy there would mean investment both in infrastructure and utilities. It is not worth spending the huge amount of money needed if we are going to move.

We are currently camping out at a nearby site with our milking cows and mobile dairy, also a temporary site. This was partly because our plans to move to a neighbouring farm were scuppered by the farmer having a TB reactor cow and we couldn’t then go there, but then we had a reactor cow Rosie on our Groby land. Rosie thankfully is now in the clear, but it is not practical to now set up on mobile dairy elsewhere.

But our dream is land of our own where we can house all of our cows and our dairy. We want people to be able to come and stay, we want an education centre, and room to make cheese, yoghurt and preserves from the organic vegetables we want to grow.

So once again we are looking to the generosity of those who believe in our project to play a part in helping us realise our dreams. We are appealing for ongoing contributions / regular giving  over several years:

  • £0.5 a day for Friends of Ahimsa cows
  • £1 a day for Protectors of Ahimsa Cows
  • £3 a day for Patrons of Ahimsa Cows
  • Or whatever you can afford

Supporters will receive a Welcome Pack and regular updates.

We believe slaughter-free, compassionate dairy is the future, but we need our friends and supporters on side to help make this happen.